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real.exe not recognizing FRICV(UST) variable in metgrid output


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I ran metgrid.exe to create met_em file with the variable FRICV from HRRR data. However, real.exe is not using this variable. I then added this entry in METGRID.TBL

name=FRICV ; output_name=UST

as UST is listed in Registry.EM_COMMON. However, rerunning metgrid and real did not add UST to the output file.

How can I get real.exe to recognize FRICV?

REAL program reads those required variables to produce initial and boundary conditions for WRF run. UST is actually a diagnostic variable once wrf.exe starts. I wonder why you want to read UST in REAL?
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Hi, Bchow1,

First, please make sure you have UST included in your met_em files. Then modify Registry.EM_COMMON. Change the line below from

state real UST ij misc 1 - rh "UST" "U* IN SIMILARITY THEORY" "m s-1"


state real UST ij misc 1 - irh "UST" "U* IN SIMILARITY THEORY" "m s-1"

Remember to do ./clean -a and recompile WRF. Please let me know whether you have UST included in wrfinput.
Hello Ming,

Thank you for your response. This method worked for me and I now have UST in the wrfinput.
Could you please let me know how the solution works? Is it possible to extend this to other variables?

Appreciate your help.
Hi BChow1

I suppose this approach should work for other similar variables. Please try and let me know if you have any issues.