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Real.exe produces only one wrfinput_d01 although I'm using 4 domains!


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I hope you're all doing great.

This is my first time using WRF,
I have done most of the WPS work, the geogrid, ungrib and metgrid and I linked my met output files to my wrf/run path.
My case study has 4 nested domains and I have attached the namelist.wps below.
When I run the real.exe and it runs successfully with no error message but produces only one wrf input file wrdinput_d01
I attached the the rsl messages as well that don't say any error in the process which is weird because I have 4 nested domains?!

1) I used NCEP Final Analysis (GFS-FNL) for data -6 hourly data
2) I'm using WRF V 4.1
3) I'm using a precompiled version on HPC by the Cyprus Institute (Cyclone)

Help would be very much appreciated!


  • namelists and error
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