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(RESOLVED) Adding sea depth to geogrid

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I am trying to add bathymetry data to the preprocessing of geog in WPS (similar to LAKE_DEPTH, maybe just called SEA_DEPTH) and had a few questions before downloading data and modifying code:

1. Where is the lake depth data from? Is it possible that this data already includes ocean depth? Ideally, the data used for land and sea would be from the same source so that the land/sea interface would be alined.
2. Do other versions of WRF (Hydro?) already have this information so I don't need to reinvent the wheel?
3. If this were of interest to implement in the main WRF code, would a new variable (SEA_DEPTH) be the best approach, or just re-defining how LAKE_DEPTH is used?

I have added new data types to WRF before but just want to see what the best procedure might be for this before starting.

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Although I'm not sure of the exact source for the lake depth dataset in WRF, the dataset does not include ocean bathymetry. Having never used WRF-Hydro, my understanding is that it is primarily a terrestrial hydrological, and so I would be surprised if it did provide ocean bathymetry.

I'd be wary of redefining how an existing field (LAKE_DEPTH) is used, so in my opinion it might be best to simply add a new field -- perhaps BATHYMETRY? If you did prepare a dataset, and if you were interested in making it available to the WRF community, I don't think there would be much opposition to adding it to the GEOGRID.TBL as an optional field if it served a useful purpose in the WRF model.

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Great - thanks for the information. I will see what I can do about finding some good bathymetry data and add in a new variable in geogrid for it. I will post back if I have any questions.