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(RESOLVED) how to use the command "gdal_translate" when convert .tif into .bil?

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When I read the Chapter 3 of WRF User Guide,I knew that the command "gdal_translate" could convert the .tif image into .bil file,but I'm confusing where and how to use the command.Should I download some software?
I've tried to write the command in my server,but the screen indicated that this command was not found.
so is there anyone knows how to do with the problem?
thanks very much!


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Hello, kwerner
I have a question regarding this topic.
I understand that we need gdal to convert the tif file to binary files.
But how should we prepare the tif file:
Should we take care of the coordinate projections in tif file?
And how can we make sure the tif file is consistent with the existing land cover files in WRF?

I personally have never gone through this process, but I think if you follow the directions here:
you shouldn't need to do anything extra.

UPDATE: I see now that you have another, more specific, post here:
I have reached out to a colleague with more experience to see if they have some advice for you.