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(RESOLVED) metgrid.exe symbol lookup error

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Dear All
Maybe I succeeded compiling WPS.
ungrib.exe and geogrid.exe seem to work well.

However, when I input metrid.exe, my computer wrote that "metgrid.exe: symbol lookup error: metgrid.exe: undefined symbol: typesizes_". My comillation of WPS didn't complete?
I will appreciate it if you could give me any hints.

Thank you very much.
Version of WRF and WPS is V4.
Can you attach the following items?
1) your WPS compile log
2) configure.wps
3) metgrid.log
and then issue these commands:
ls -ls geogrid/src/geogrid.exe >& geogrid.txt
ls -ls metgrid/src/metgrid.exe >& metgrid.txt
ls -ls ungrib/src/ungrib.exe >& ungrib.txt
and attach those 3 *.txt files, as well.
Dear kwerner

Thank you very much.
I attach several files.
I will appreciate your big help.


  • report.configure.wps
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  • report.log.compile
    94.6 KB · Views: 55
  • metgrid.log
    76 bytes · Views: 53
  • geogrid.txt
    76 bytes · Views: 58
  • metgrid.txt
    76 bytes · Views: 60

I think that geogrid.exe could run well, it seems that there are some errors.
Are there errors related to the matter?


  • geogrid.log
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It doesn't appear that there was a problem with geogrid. We are looking into the metgrid problem to try to figure out what is going on. We hope to have a response for you soon. Thank you for your patience.
My best guess is that there may be some issue with the use of the Fortran 90 interface to the netCDF library when building with the PGI compilers. Could you start with a clean copy of the WPS, then substitute the attached scan_input.F file for the default one in the WPS/metgrid/src directory, then configure and compile as usual?

Although the modifications to the scan_input.F file will prevent the metgrid program from processing meteorological data from the MPAS-Atmosphere model, this will at least tell us whether the problem is indeed with the use of the netCDF Fortran 90 interface.


  • scan_input.F
    23.5 KB · Views: 78
Dear mgduda

First, I want to apologize because my reply is so late.
Moreover I appreciate your comment.

I used your your scan_input.F instead of original scan_input.F.
After cleaning, I compiled WPS and metgrid.exe worked as follows;

! Successful completion of metgrid. !
Warning: ieee_underflow is signaling
Warning: ieee_inexact is signaling

However, after metgrid.exe worked, there was another trouble.

Althohgh compiling real.exe and wrf.exe had seemed to complete well,
real.exe said as follows;

real.exe: symbol lookup error: real.exe: undefined symbol: netcdf_
real.exe: symbol lookup error: real.exe: undefined symbol: netcdf_
real.exe: symbol lookup error: real.exe: undefined symbol: netcdf_
real.exe: symbol lookup error: real.exe: undefined symbol: netcdf_

That means my compiling netcdf was not well ?

Thank you very much.
No worries at all about the late reply. It's also good for us to know that there may be some issue with the scan_input.F module. Regarding the issues in compiling real.exe, it may be best to create a new topic on the "WRF Compiling/Installation" sub-forum.
Dear mgduda

Thank you very much for your valuable advices.
I will move to "WRF Compiling/Installation" sub-forum.

I would like to confirm my understanding as follows;
I can use metgrid.exe and WPS whose scan_input.F is new one which you posted as metgrid.exe and WPS.
Modfying scan_input.F does not affect result of calculation.
Is my understanding correct?

Thank you very much.
This is a good question: whether the modified scan_input.F file will affect the results of the WPS. The scan_input.F code is only used to read the netCDF output from the Model for Prediction Across Scales - Atmosphere (MPAS-Atmosphere). So, as long as you are working with datasets in GRIB format, and not MPAS-Atmosphere output, there should be no change to results when using the modified scan_input.F code. But, if you would like to use MPAS-Atmosphere files for initial and boundary conditions in WRF, we would need to find another way to correct the issue in the scan_input.F code.