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(RESOLVED) no ungrib: jasper/jasper.h: No such file or directory

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I think I have successfully configured and compiled the WRF-ARW model on an HPC computer that has clusters. Real.exe, ndown.exe, tc.exe and wrf.exe are created with non-zero size (approximately 40-46 MB in main folder and 15-21 Bytes in run and test folders).

The problem I am facing is with WPS. I have configured and complied metgrid.exe and geogrid.exe (approximately 23 Bytes) in WPS but the configuring and compilation did not happen for ungrib as no executable file was generated as ungrib.exe.

I am attaching the log.compile file and appreciate assistance and guidance.



  • log.compile
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JASPER isn't installed in your system, or isn't installed in the standard place.

The first error is at:

#include "jasper/jasper.h"

That caused some compiles to fail. Linkage showed two files missing. One was a consequence of the
above problem. The second one was because the JASPER library couldn't be found.
Thanks for sending that. kwthomas is correct in that it looks like your jasper.h file is missing from the location to which you are pointing for your ungrib libraries. Can you take a look in /kday202/Build_WRF/LIBRARIES/grib2/include/jasper/ and see if you see the jasper.h file in there? If not, then something went wrong when you built the jasper library, or it could be that the path is not correct. If that's the case, try to modify the COMPRESSION_LIBS and/or COMPRESSION_INC lines in your configure.wps file.

I take note and thank you for the assistance.

Yes, the paths I was providing was correct but not provided in the right manner.

Now I have been successful and ungrib.exe, geogrid.exe and metgrid.exe are compiled with non-zero size.

Thank you for the assistance.

Hi adildilawar,

You can read above to see the specific problem they were having, in addition to the suggestions we made for them. In their case, they were missing the jasper.h library. You can also download their WPS compile log to see if your error is the same. If so, then I suggest your follow the same path to ensure that jasper was built correctly. If you aren't already, you can follow the tests and guidelines on this page to improve your chance at successful compiles:

If your error is different, please open a new topic (not in response to this one) and state your problems, attaching your compile log and configure.wps file.