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(RESOLVED) No ungrib: NAMELIST attribute conflicts with ALLOCATABLE attribute in 'new_plvl' at (1)

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New member
Hi every One,
I am Adil and new one about WRF.
I am compiling WPS but unfortunately did not get ungrib.exe.
please help me to make it install.
Please find below attached
Thanks to every one for considering my problem.



  • WPS.doc
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This topic has been moved to the WPS compiling/installation section, as this is a WPS topic, and not related to WRFDA. Someone will respond to this question soon.
In the ungrib source code, we use allocatable arrays as namelist variables, which requires a compiler that supports the Fortran2003 standard. It looks like you're using the GNU 4.4.6 compilers. Would you be able to upgrade to newer versions of the GNU C and Fortran compilers?
Can you guide me about update to my compiler because i am working on server. there sudo command does not work.
I am new one to learn all these things.

Thanks for your reply
The details of updating your compilers will vary significantly depending on your system. And, I think providing guidance on updating compilers may be outside the scope of the assistance that we generally provide on this forum. It may be easier if we provide you with some changes to the WPS code that will allow it to be compiled with the compilers that you do have on your system. I'll look over your build log again and reply here when I have some suggestions.
I tried to change also paths but could not able to get ungrib.exe.
Please find attached configure.wps .and bashrc files to know about my problem.
I am waiting for your response.


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  • WPS.Configure.doc
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  • bashrc.file.doc
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This problem has been resolved on this post: