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(RESOLVED) ungrib segmentation fault with CFSR surface data

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Hi all,

ungrib.exe fails with a segmentation fault when I try to process CFSR surface data. It processes the pressure level data just fine. Can anyone help me with this?

I'm running WRF 4.0.3 and WPS 4.0.2 as distributed with COAWST 3.4

namelist.wps, ungrib.log and the ungrib standard out/error are attached.
I used Vtable.CFSR and yy GRIBFILE links look like this.

GRIBFILE.AAA -> ../../Data/WRF/WPS_MET/flxf06.gdas.2010041218.grb2
GRIBFILE.AAB -> ../../Data/WRF/WPS_MET/flxf06.gdas.2010041300.grb2
GRIBFILE.AAC -> ../../Data/WRF/WPS_MET/flxf06.gdas.2010041306.grb2
GRIBFILE.AAD -> ../../Data/WRF/WPS_MET/flxf06.gdas.2010041312.grb2
GRIBFILE.AAE -> ../../Data/WRF/WPS_MET/flxf06.gdas.2010041318.grb2



  • ungrib.stdout.txt
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  • ungrib.log
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  • namelist.wps
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I got the files from the NCAR Research Data Archive:

Clicking on "NCEP Climate Forecast System Reanalysis (CFSR) ds093.0" on sends you to the above URL.

Turns out that for some reason ungrib only has problems running interactively the FSU computing cluster and only when processing the NCEP CFSR (ds093.0) surface data. ungrib was built as serial program. It processes the NCEP CFSR (ds093.0) pressure-level data and all NCEP Final Analysis (GFS-FNL) ds083.2 data just fine. If I submit a batch (serial) job to the cluster it successfully processes all data.

I don't know why, but problem fixed.