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(RESOLVED) Using ARPEGE as input data

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Hi everyone,

I am trying to run the WRF model with the French model ARPEGE as input data. This dataset is now available on the Meteo-France website.
I found some information on how to pre-process the input files before running WRF on the old forum. However, I have problems building a correct VTable.

In addition, soil variables are not available in the ARPEGE ouput files...

Has anyone managed to run WRF with this meteorological input data?

Hi Damien,

I haven't heard of anyone trying to use these data yet, but if the data are in GRIB format, you could use a utility such as g1print.exe (or g2print.exe, depending whether they are grib1 or grib2 format), found in the WPS/util/ directory to view the data and grib codes for each variable. You could also use something like wgrib or wgrib2, which would give similar information. If that is not helpful, sometimes you can contact a support group from the source where you obtained the data and they can help you to build the correct Vtable.

As for the soil information, you will need these data (soil temperature and soil moisture for at least 2 levels, but preferably at least 4), so you will need to use another source of data to include this. For example, if you grabbed some GFS data with the soil information, you could modify Vtable.GFS to only include the lines for SM/ST (8 total lines), and when you run ungrib for those data, it will only process those variables. If you're not familiar, you can read about running ungrib for multiple input data types here: