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(RESOLVED) Vtable for FV3GFS Data

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Dear Colleges,

I am interested, do you have any experience with processing the FV3GFS data with WPS?
In particular, what Vtable file should be applied with FV3 data? Can I apply the Vtable.GFS or not?
Any other comments on using the FV3 data with WRF are much appreciated.

Beginning with V4.0 of WPS, the capability to use FV3 GFS data is available. You would just need to use Vtable.GFS to process these data. You may also want to add the parameter:
pmin = 100

to the &ungrib section of your namelist.wps file. This specifies a real value for the minimum pressure level (in Pa) to be processed from the GRIB data.
kwerner said:
Beginning with V4.0 of WPS, the capability to use FV3 GFS data is available.

How about older versions? Any updates to get them to work, or simply use V4 or newer WPS, coupled with our older version of WRF?

No, unfortunately we don't update older releases of code. But it should be okay to use the newer WPS code to produce input for an older WRF.
OK, thanks for the response. I've experimented a bit now (WRF v3.3 and WPS v4.0.3), and I see extremely minimal differences and no problems when using current GFS data. I see much bigger differences between WRF runs using old and new GFS...