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Reverse interpolation of wrfinput levels BACK to met_em levels?


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I have an unusual use case where I'd like to be able to vertically interpolate from the wrfinput file BACK onto the same levels of the met_em files. I understand that real.exe is responsible for going from met_em to wrfinput levels, but I'm at a loss as to how one would do it back in the other direction? Looking through the met_em files it looks like there is GHT (Geopotential height?) on num_metgrid_levels so it *should* be possible to do a reverse interpolation, but otherwise the num_metgrid_levels dimension is just an integer index, correct?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


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Alternatively, if someone can validate my assumption that the bottom eta level of PRES is just PSFC duplicated (looks to be...) then I should be able to figure it out. It just seems odd that I supply 37 ERA5 levels, met_em has 38 which is then interpolated onto the 50+ of my experiments.

Are you counting level 0 in the met_em* files?

And yes, the values at level 0 for PRES corresponds to the values of PSFC.
Hi kwerner - yes I am assuming level 0 is the surface field, so it looks like surface field of the respective variable is copied into level 0 of the corresponding multi-level field.

This helps a lot. Thanks for that.

Cheers, B