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Running WRF LES with non periodic lateral boundary conditions

Hi, I am trying to run WRF LES case (em_les) with non periodic lateral boundary condition at the west,east lateral faces. The boundary condition at the west face would be a uniform inflow of 10m/s and the outlet would be zeroGradient as in Openfoam. Is this possible to do without changing any code?
Hi @Ming Chen, I had a followup question about how the input sounding works in the LES case. I have given it a value of 5m/s in the east west direction. Also, the domain is open at the east and west faces. Does the input_sounding force the flow to follow the vertical profile at the inlet or throughout the domain or does it act like a tendency term?
In this case the input sounding will only provide initial condition throughout the domain. Once the model starts, the 5m/s wind will no longer has any impact on the model simulation, that is, it doesn't force any flow at the inlet and it doesn't behave as a tendency term.
My understanding is that there is no lateral boundary update by the input sounding once WRF-LES starts running.
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Hi @Ming Chen , thanks again for the quick reply. In the tech manual, the numerical implementation of the open lateral boundary conditions, there is a mention of the phase speed at the west and east faces. Is the phase speed hardcoded somewhere in the module files?
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Please take a look at the code share/module_bc.F, which contains the code to process open lateral boundary condition.