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SAG and SAV equals to Zero in VEGE_FLUX and BARE_FLUX subroutines within MODULE_SF_NOAHMPLSM?


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Good day colleagues,
Out of curiosity, I have been trying to print out the values of SAG (Solar radiation absorbed by ground) and SAV (Solar radiation absorbed by vegetation) in the VEGE_FLUX and BARE_FLUX subroutines within the MODULE_SF_NOAHMPLSM using WRITE (6, *) 'SAV=', SAV, 'SAG=', SAG . Surprisingly, this have been turning out zero values. Is there a reason or an explanation for this?

Best regards.
I am not sure what those are. Please, how do I check for the local sun time at the sites? I should mention that If I place the print inside the ATM subroutine for instance, it prints out reasonable values for SWDOWN.

*Addition to the first question is that it also happens with SWDOWN if I try to print it out from inside VEGE_FLUX or BARE_FLUX
Would you please post your findings just in case others may have the same issue? Thanks in advance.