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"soil moisture" and "skin temperature" data files


Dear all,
I would like to update the "soil moisture" and "skin temperature" data files in WPS. But I do not know which options in

GEOGRID.TBL represents these two variables. Would you please help me in this regard?

Best wishes,

Ming Chen

Staff member
soil moisture and soil temperature are derived from the large scale foricng data, i.e., the data you ungrib.
If you have finished running WPS, then these two variables should be included in met_em files. After running REAL, they are also shown in wrfinput file.
You can always modify wrfinput to replace the original soil data by your own data.

Ming Chen

Staff member
There are a few options to modify netCDF data:

(1) Please take a look at the utility
The SPECIAL option -EditData VAR allows a user to modify a specific variable

(2) NCL can be used to change any variables in netCDF file. Please see

(3) I believe python also provides similar option.