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(Solved) WRF executables successfully built but error occur when configuring WPS


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Hi, I am Grace, new to WRF and MPAS. I need WRF-WPS to build initial data for MPAS model.
After compling WRF, I run the command ./configure under WPS directory, but get the following error:

Error: The $WRF_DIR environment variable was set, but the WRF code at
/work/u4648924/wrf-model/WRF/main doesn't appear to have been successfully compiled

I saw another post here (Error: WPS code does not succesfully compiled ) but the solution does not really help...

The compile_wrf.log is as attached.
All suggestions are welcome!


  • compile_wrf.log
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I figured out the problem.
The $WRF_DIR should be set at where configure is located, instead of the .exe files.

WPS successfully compiled after moving WPS out of WRF directory. In my case, WPS directory is located at /work/u4648924/wrf-model/WPS, and WRF directory is located at /work/u4648924/wrf-model/WRF
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