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SST in WRF hindcast


New member
Good day everyone,
I'm looking to do a 9 month "hindcast" using GFS forecast data (analysis and 3 hour forecast). Of course, this will require a number of restarts. The goal is to do warm restarts so as to retain a detailed soil moisture field, as well as continuity throughout the forecast.
Is it necessary to include an additional SST dataset when running WPS or is the SST / SKINTEMP from GFS sufficient? If it is not, could you point me to a good data source for additional SST data? I saw a link posted Merge Vtable.GFS and Vtable.SST but its not working anymore.
I tried ERA5 SST reanalysis, but ./ungrib.exe doesnt read the .grib format.

Hi Edward,
It's not mandatory to use additional SST data, but if can be helpful. If you don't, at the very least, you should use the sst_update option when running WRF. Take a look at this presentation. Slide 5 shows some sources for SST input.