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SSTs appear over land after running real


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Howdy there, I'm running a future model with the CESM1 CMIP5 data from UCAR (here). The WPS works (after I remembered to ignore leap years), but when I run ./real.exe, I notice that wrfinput and wrflowinput files have sea surface temperature values over land. These SST values are not present in the met_ems. I can't figure out why SSTs are fine and masked in the met_ems, but become unmasked in the wrfinput files.

I've used this data before and haven't had any problems. Am I missing something? am I crazy? Thanks for any insight that can be provided.

SSTs from the wrfinput file

Here are the SSTs from the met_em

This is what I've set the SSTs to in the METGRID.TBL if it's any use
There is nothing wrong in this case. The model behavior is what we expect. This is because:
In your met_em file, SST is masked over land. However, WRF won't allow missing value and in your case, the missing SST over land is replaced by tsk (skin temperature) when REAL is run.