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Static, terrestrial field processing in tutorial practice

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When I follow the tutorial practice to section 1.3(Static, terrestrial field processing), MPAS-7.0 can't find geogtopo_gmted2010_30s. And I can't find this WPS geographical input data in WRF official website and mpas_tutorial.tar.gz files.

The error messages are as follow:

Computing GWDO static fields on the native MPAS mesh

--- Using GMTED2010 terrain dataset for GWDO static fields

ERROR: Error reading topography tile /home/lulv/wangzm/slabocean/geogtopo_gmted2010_30s/00001-01200.00001-01200
ERROR: Error reading global 30-arc-sec topography for GWD statistics
ERROR: ****************************************************************
ERROR: Error while trying to compute sub-grid-scale orography
ERROR: statistics for use with the GWDO scheme.
As of the MPAS-Atmosphere v7.0 release, it's necessary to have a trailing '/' character at the end of the path to the geographical datasets given by the 'config_geog_data_path' variable in the 'namelist.init_atmosphere' file. We've added logic in GitHub PR #351 to automatically add a trailing slash, but this PR wasn't merged before the MPAS v7.0 release.