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Test Cases

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I have WRF up and running, but where can I find idealized cases to test to make sure that the software is running correctly? That is, I can produce the executables for the various cases presented just fine, but I don't know what any of this means. Are there output graphs or something of this nature that informs me how the model is supposed to look?
Unfortunately, we don't have any test cases available for the idealized cases. We do have some for real-data cases, and if you're interested you can find them here. If you are just running the standard idealized cases (i.e., you did not modify the namelists), then if they are running, they should be accurate. These are tested with each release, and you shouldn't see much discrepancy. However, I agree that we should have plots to ensure model users they are getting expected results. I will put this on my to-do list and will keep a note to come back and point you to those when I've gotten them done (it could be a while, though, as I have some other obligations first).
I just remembered that we already have scripts written for some of the ideal cases, with some output plots that you can take a look at here:
Look for the section for "Idealized cases," and then you can click on each of those to see the output.