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The results of d01 are different when the d02 domain is included or not, although one-way nesting is used


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I have run two simulations with WRFChem-3.6.1.
1. one domain, with 3km horizontal resolution.
2. two domains, the horizontal resolution of d01 is 3km, and the horizontal resolution of the nested d02 is 1km, one-way nesting is used.

Theoretically, the results of d01 of the two simulations should be identical. However, the simulated precipitation of d01 of the two simulations are differ substantially from each other. The result (precipitation) of d01 has been improved significantly when the d02 domain is included.
Someone else also reported this phenomenon in WRF forum. (spectral nudging (fdda=2) in nested domains)

Do you know the reason?
What's more, if I want to do research based on the result of d01 of the two-domain simulation (because the result of d02 is worse than d01), others will question the solidity of my result, for I could not use the result of d02 with finer resolution, meanwhile, I could not remove it. Do you think the result of my D01 is solid and available if I do such a simulation?

I have attached the hourly precipitation results of d01 of two simulations and namelist.input file. I only changed max_dom option (1 or 2) between the two simulations.



  • d01(one domain)_part1.png
    d01(one domain)_part1.png
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  • d01(3km+1km,one-way_nesting_part1).png
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  • d01(one domain)_part2.png
    d01(one domain)_part2.png
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  • d01(3km+1km,one-way_nesting)_part2.png
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  • namelist.input
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