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Transferring executable file


Hello Everyone

I compiled WRF-chem 4.2.2 in my Linux.
But, I could not compile WRF-chem 4.2.2 on another Linux server.

I want to know, is it possible to copy successful executable files from one Linux to another Linux to run the model.
From another point of view, for running the model, are just executable files important?
I hope you get my question

Thank you
Hi Naser,

Outside rare circumstances where the systems share same libraries, it's not really feasible to run executables on one machine that were compiled another.

In general, one just needs to the executable, however, for WRF, you will need many of the items in the WRF/run directory (data tables etc.)

If you post your compile log, I may be able to help.

Hello Dear Jordan

I apologize for the late response. I was not available.
Thank you for your response.

Honestly, I did not run with another system executable file yet.
I wonder, after successful running, if I make a tar file with all directories, which contain all data, and transfer it to another system, is it working or not? it's just my idea because I had lots of problems with the compilation of WRF-chem 4.2.2 (in general, version 4 to up).

Thank you