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UNIS data (2m temp, RH) was not included in afterwork when I tried ungrib.exe.


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Dear everyone.

I came here to ask one problem when I tried to ungrib files.

I want to run WRF 4.3.1 with Local Data Assimilation Prediction System (LDAPS), which used in KMA.

So I made a Vtable to ungrib grib2 files and get variables before metgrid.exe

I thought everything went well in first time, but I found a big problem.

There is no temperature (TT), relative humidity (RH) variables of lowest level.

I checked Vtable, grib2 files and namelist.wps with many times, but can not find any problem due to insufficient of me.

Can I get help to solve this problem?

I upload some pictures and data (namelist.wps, Vtable) to get proper solution.

I wanted to upload model data, but its too big to here.

As a beginner, thank you for reading this forum.


< ungrib when I used a LDAPS unis data >
ungrib 과정.png

< LDAPS unis has TT and RH data >

< My Vtable setting but can not read surface TT and RH data >

< metgrid file did not have lowerest level data of TT and RH >

< Upper layer data is in metgrid file >


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Are you certain that the fields RH and TT are included in the input data you're trying to use?