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UPP on Derecho 😬


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I have been using the ~wrfhelp/PRE_COMPILED_CODE/UPPv4.* compiled UPP executable on Cheyenne for a while, as very conveniently I could link the executable without the need to figure out the best libraries to use. Now that Derecho is up and Cheyenne is being retired, is there any plan for ~wrfhelp to compile UPP on Derecho as well? 😬
I asked the CISL help first and they told me to ask here.
I apologize for the shamelessness with which I am asking this... :D

There are no plans for building pre-compiled UPPv4 software on derecho. This older version is no longer supported. You may try to build the most recent public release v11.0. Documentation can be found here.

While the documentation requirements state the need for HPC-Stack for the required libraries. I would try building UPPv11.0 with the more recent Spack stack for the libraries instead of HPC-stack. Spack-stack has already been installed on Derecho. Since it has not been done yet, some mods would be needed in UPP for derecho. At the very least, you would need to:
- In UPP/modulefiles a module file for derecho would be needed to point to the spack stack
- in UPP/tests, need to add derecho to the detect_machine script
- May need to switch default WRF-IO -w flag when running compile script. It looks like default is to build without WRF IO. See UPP/tests/

To run, WRF options would need to be added in the UPP/scripts/run_upp script, similar to what is in the run script for v4.

If you need assistance with the UPP build, please post a new discussion on the github page.
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Actually, in talking with others, HPC stack may be better than spack-stack as they are still working on some kinks with spack. You can find an example modulefile for derecho for hpc-stack here.