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Use of MERRA-2 and GEOS-5 datasets in WRF

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Respected Members,

I am trying to use GEOS-5 model simulated results and MERRA-2 reanalysis datasets as initial and lateral boundary conditions for meteorology in WRF model. I am unable to find out the process to use any of these datasets available in netCDF format as a meteorological input file in WPS program.

I have tried to use GEOS2WRF and MERRA2WRF 2.0 software ( to process the netCDF data files and prepare the intermediate files required to run the metgrid program but ultimately end up with lots of errors.

I have also tried by replacing the variable values in the "met_em" files to implement the GEOS-5 and MERRA-2 meteorology in the WRF model but in that process model crashes in the first time step without showing any error message.

It will be very helpful for me if any member could kindly suggest me any possible way of using GEOS-5 and MERRA-2 netCDF formatted meteorological input files in the WRF model. Any help regarding GEOS2WRF and MERRA2WRF 2.0 software will also be very helpful to me.

For any kind of clarification regarding my submitted query please feel free to contact me anytime. I am looking forward to your kind response.

With Regards
Indranil Nandi
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IIT Delhi, India.
I don't have any experience with those particular datasets, but it should be possible to use netCDF formatted input data with WRF. We have some information about converting the data available from our Users' Guide (chapter 3):

But I can also provide somewhat of a "template" Fortran script to convert a file from netCDF format to intermediate format. This script was provided to us from someone who wrote it for their own purpose, so keep that in mind. You'll need to try to determine what they've done, and then modify it, as is necessary for your own data. If that still does not help, please send one of your intermediate files, along with your namelist.wps file, any other files you modified, and your error log for the failed program. Please also let me know which version of WPS you are working with.


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Respected Kelly Mam,

I am fortunate enough that you showed your sincere interest in solving my problem regarding use of MERRA-2 and GEOS-5 datasets in WRF. Thank you once again for your kind help and support.

I am trying to modify the sample FORTRAN script to convert a file from netCDF format to intermediate format. I don’t have much experience in FORTRAN scripting language so it will take some time for me to debug the script.

In the meanwhile I am attaching my namelist.wps file along with some standard intermediate files and few of my GEOS-5 files which may help you to understand what I am willing to do. I am working with the WPS version 3.8.1. I have compiled the WRF-3.8.1 model using the GNU (gfortran/gcc) compiler. The standard setup of the model is running perfectly fine.

It will be very helpful for me if you could kindly look into my files and give me your valuable suggestions about how to use my GEOS-5 files in the WPS program for making the intermediate files required for running the metgrid program successfully.

Any help from your side will be invaluable as I find you the most suitable person who can help me for solving my problem.


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