Use of WRFv3 input in WRFv4

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I have used WRFv3.9.1.1 for a long time but I would like to move to WRFv4.2.x to test the new SMS-3DTKE scheme. I have a lot of input files for WRFv3.9.1.1 and I am wondering which ones could be used in WRFv4.2.x without any troubles. I have read here ( that using the wrfinput* files could impact model accuracy. Are there also some issues with WPS3.9.1 met_em* files or could I use them in WRFv4.2.x?

Thank you very much.

Ming Chen

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I would suggest that you rerun REAL program to produce initial and boundary conditions. This is because since WRFV4, the vertical coordinate has been changed, which makes the initial/bounbday data of older version unacceptable.
The old met_em files from older WPS can still be used.