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Vtable.NCEP2 for R2

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I have two questions as followings
1. R2 (ds091) has pgb(analysis)+flx(1hour forcasts), then flux data does not matched in times.
Do you have any suggestion for R2 usages ?
2. In order to use pressure and surface, R2 pgb + dg3 used in ungrib.
However there are not included surface values TT, RH, UU, VV so the first level values is -1E+30
Can i get to go real.exe?
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It looks like R2 data (ds091.0) may be outdated and unfortunately may not have what you need for current years; however, I'm not a data expert, nor does our team manage the datasets, so I would advise you to reach out to the group that provides the data (for e.g., the CISL RDA support group) to see if they are able to provide any information that would be helpful. I believe if you're able to obtain the correct gribbed data for the variables you need, you would use Vtable.NNRP with those data.