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WARNING invalid category of 0. all result is 0


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I need help~

I attempted to replace the static data in WPS using the following steps:
  1. Utilized "convert_geotiff -t 5000 albedo.tif" to convert the tiff to GeoTIFF data. Modified the index of the resulting binary data as follows:

    projection = regular_ll
    known_x = 1
    known_y = 3546
    known_lat = 49.685028
    known_lon = 68.255005
    dx = 4.491576e-03
    dy = 4.493484e-03
    type = continuous
    signed = yes
    units = "percent"
    description = "albedo_lpj_2016"
    wordsize = 4
    tile_x = 1200
    tile_y = 1200
    tile_z = 1
    tile_bdr = 1
    missing_value = -9999
    scale_factor = 1
    row_order = bottom_top

  2. Added "interp_option=albedo_ting:nearest_neighbor" and "rel_path=albedo_ting:albedo_ting/" to the GEOGRID.TBL file in the WPS/geogrid directory.
  3. Modified geog_data_res = 'albedo_ting' in the namelist.wps
  4. The albedo data in the file generated from geogrid.exe is all 0.
  5. I similarly modified LU_INDEX. When running geogrid.exe, the following warning was encountered: "Processing field 1 of 27 (LANDUSEF) WARNING: In source tile /home/WPS_GEOG/luindex_ting/01201-02400.02401-03600, point (1201, 3547) has an invalid category of 0". The data contains correct LU_INDEX values, but the landusef values are all 0.
Are you able to plot your new static file to show that albedo is correct? If so, can you attach that plot, along with your namelist.wps file? Can you also share your modified GEOGRID.TBL and the new static file? If it's too large, take a look at the home page of this forum for instructions on sharing large files. Thanks!