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What does this warning in my compile.log mean? libnemsio.a: undefined reference to `mpi_type_create_indexed_block_'

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What does this warning mean in my compile.log? libnemsio.a(nemsio_module_mpi.o): In function `__nemsio_module_mpi_MOD_readmpi4': nemsio_module_mpi.f90:(.text+0x1088): undefined reference to `mpi_type_create_indexed_block_'
You may see this warning in your compile.log, even when your build appears to be successful:

libnemsio.a (nemsio_module_mpi.o): In function `__nemsio_module_mpi_MOD_readmpi4': nemsio_module_mpi.f90: (.text+0x1088): undefined reference to `mpi_type_create_indexed_block_'

This warning appears for some platforms/compilers because a call in the nemsio library is never used or referenced for a serial build. This is just a warning and should not hinder a successful build of unipost.exe or negatively impact your UPP run.