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When try to manipulate wrf output with xarray getting OSError: Can't read data (inflate() failed)


New member
Hi Everyone,
I am pretty new to WRF and please excuse me for my naive questions. I was following this tutorial here: ARW OnLine Tutorial
and I could get some result from wrf.exe. But I have hard time reading the wrf output. I was wondering how you usually read and plot them in python. I am trying to open them with xarray but I realised I need to do some preprocessing on the file to make it useful for plotting. I started to follow this tutorial: But I keep getting OSError: Can't read data (inflate() failed) which means the file in corrupted. But when I look at the rls.out.* files, they are saying: wrf: SUCCESS COMPLETE WRF.

Any Idea why I am seeing this error?
Also note that I am running WRF 4.5 using AWS wrf image AMI: AWS Marketplace: Computational weather/air quality forecasts on Graviton2&3 with WRF/CMAQ