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WRF 4.1.2, wrf.exe SIGABRT Error

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I'm running WRF V4.1.2. I'm encountering this particular error at a specific time step of around 3-4 minutes into the run.

Program received signal SIGABRT: Process abort signal.

Backtrace for this error:
#0 0x2B3F762B6BB7
#1 0x2B3F762B5DB0
#2 0x2B3F7718427F
#3 0x2B3F77184207
#4 0x2B3F771858F7
#5 0x2B3F771C6D26
#6 0x2B3F771CF488
#7 0x24D0725 in __module_cu_tiedtke_MOD_cumastr_new
#8 0x24D375E in __module_cu_tiedtke_MOD_tiecnv
#9 0x24D8689 in __module_cu_tiedtke_MOD_cu_tiedtke
#10 0x1ED139A in __module_cumulus_driver_MOD_cumulus_driver._omp_fn.1 at module_cumulus_driver.f90:?
#11 0x2B3F768C895E
#12 0x1ED6B64 in __module_cumulus_driver_MOD_cumulus_driver
#13 0x16C2CF3 in __module_first_rk_step_part1_MOD_first_rk_step_part1
#14 0x11EB09C in solve_em_
#15 0x1091242 in solve_interface_
#16 0x470A25 in __module_integrate_MOD_integrate
#17 0x407123 in __module_wrf_top_MOD_wrf_run

I don't plan on running 20 second timesteps for my second domain but I'm trying to understand where this error is coming from. On a possibly related note I'm not seeing my rsl.out* files after I run wrf.exe, but if someone knows how to fix that I'll quickly post those as well.

Attached are my namelist.input files and a log.wrf file of the actual output.
View attachment namelist.input
View attachment log.wrf

Thanks, Jesse
Without much information, it's hard to say what the problem may be, but these are some thoughts:
1) Your namelist start date is 2019-07-11, but the time in the log.wrf file is processing 2019-07-10, so it seems that this is not the correct log file for this namelist. However, I assume the same thing is happening regardless of the start date? What date do your wrfinput and wrfbdy files start?
2) Your domain 02 is too small. We never recommend having a domain smaller than 100x100, and ideally you would want them larger than that for anything realistic. Take a look at this link that not only provides descriptions of namelist variables, but also recommended practices for setting up a good domain:
3) Is there a reason why you chose to set p_top_requested = 10000? The default is 5000, and perhaps that may help.
I received an error from real.exe which said the highest allowable grid p_top was 10,000. I had assumed that was from where I had grabbed the data. I'm going to increase the domain size and I will update this post on what happens.

So after increasing my inner most domain (2nd domain) to a grid size of 151, I still received the error. Instead I've opted to skip that time by starting at the next day. I have yet to receive the error after doing that.
Thanks for the update. It sounds like it could potentially have been related to the input data for that date/time. If this solution is okay for you, that is great. Let us know if you see the problem again.