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WRF - LES - real case


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Dear WRF community,

I am posting this thread because I haven't found a satisfying answer related to my question, and that is: when doing a nested simulation, and going from PBL to LES, is there a way of having smooth boundaries, or is it just a WRF thing that when you switch PBL physics, the boundaries get a little messed up? What I am talking about is shown on the gif below (this is resultant wind speed at 500 m AGL). The simulation is one way nesting with no feedback.

this is a nested simulation going from YSU to YSU to LES to LES starting with 30km grid resolution with grid ratios of 1:5:3:5. Any kind of advice or thought would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

When physics schemes are switched between different domains, it is inevitable to see the impacts.
Probably you can try the SMS-3DTKE scale-adaptive LES/PBL scheme, which is available since WRFv4.2. Please let me know whether it gives you better result.
Oh thank you for clarifying that, I was worried that I might've been doing something wrong and that it was causing the trouble.
My vacation is actually starting today, but once I am back I will perform the tests with both smoothing and no smoothing and other combinations of PBL - LES and let you know about the results!