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WRF Output for any Single Variable


New member
I wanted to know is it possible to configure the WRF model to only compute only 1 or 2 weather variables like: precipitation, wind speed? If not what are variables for which the WRF model will always generate the output? The reason I was asking was because WRF model was taking a lot of time to produce the output when I was only interested in precipitation and wind speed. So if there is a way to process only those then it will speed up the processing.
The WRF model will still need to compute all the variables, but you can exclude them from being output, which can save some time. Take a look at this description of the Runtime I/O option, which would allow you to put the fields you need in a separate stream/output file, and then you could set history_interval = 0, so that none of the other variables, typically printed to history files, would be written.