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I am a graduate student and I need to use the WRF model for my thesis entitled "Investigation of Wave Energy Potential on the Black Sea Coast". I will not use it for professional purposes, and I need to perform a simulation in the simplest way possible. I cannot provide more details since I am not proficient in the model and general meteorological-topographical-physical terms.

With great difficulty, I managed to install and compile the model on a VDS server, but I am having trouble running it. I do not know the steps to follow when running the model, which option values to use, where to get the datasets from, how to interpret the data after obtaining the output, and which programs I need to use for interpretation.

The following resources provide information on compiling the model and introducing the model in general. However, these resources were not enough for me to fully understand the process of running and using the model. Also, the video series is quite long and frankly, I can't distinguish which video is fundamental and which is advanced, and therefore I'm wasting time.

WRF Video Tutorial:

WRF Compilation Tutorial: Compiling WRF

Is there any other resource (website, video series, pdf etc.) that you can recommend for new users like me, besides these resources? Or is there a way you can recommend to get faster results? I would like to thank you in advance for your advice. Best regards.