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WRF running with mpi


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Hi, how are you? I have encountered the following problem in running .real.exe, I have installed openmpi-4.0.5 and mpich-3.3 two different mpi, my WRF, WPS are compiled using dmpar, I guess it may be the problem of these two mpi, but I don't know how to solve this problem. Also, I would like to ask you, can mvapich be used to configure WRF as well?please help me,Thank you very much!


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This screenshot just shows that something went wrong. You will need to look in the rsl.error.* files to see if there is an error at the bottom. If not, please attach those files so I can take a look, and please attach your namelist.input file. Thanks!

I don't have much experience with mvapich, but from what I can find in this forum, it seems that it can be problematic at times.