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WRF with GFS initial and boundary condition


Dear sir,
Hey, I am facing the same problem, i am using WRF 4.0 for my study when i am using GFS as initial condition after running for some time step it gets freeze i dont get whats the problem i have, i already run the model with same list for different initial condition like FNL so i dont think i have any issue with compilers an all,

when i change some changes in name list regarding some physics, it runs for some more time step and gets freeze, but i don't get any error message in rsl.errror.0000 file

thanking you


  • Screenshot from 2022-09-19 11-52-36.png
    Screenshot from 2022-09-19 11-52-36.png
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  • Screenshot from 2022-09-19 11-52-40.png
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Can you package all of your rsl.error.* files into a single *.TAR file and attach that? Please also attach your full namelist.input file. Thanks!