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wrfoutput, rainnc, rainc


New member
Hi, I am running wrf and my input data is hourly era5 data.

I want to calculate the hourly precipitation.

For example, I wanna plot the precipitation distribution, should I add rainnc, rainc and rainsh? or just rainnc, rainc?
Another question would be:
If I want to plot the 2010061011 precipitation, should I use 2010061012 deduct 2010061011? or I use 2010061011-2010061010?

Thank you for your help in advance!
You will need to look at RAINC and RAINNC, rainsh is usually zero.

RAINC and RAINNC are accumlative preecipittaion, and thus the difference between the consecutive outputs are the precipitation during that period. In your case, the difference bwtween 2010061012 and 2010061011 is the hourly precipitation during 11-12 TUC.