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WRFV3.9.1.1 "forrtl: severe (66): output statement overflows record, unit -5, file Internal List-Directed Write"


New member
Dear Help,
I am trying to run WRFV3.9.1.1, I am getting strange error.
I have created met_em file using WPSv4 and i am able to run real.exe without any error its running and creating input files. But I am getting error from wrf.exe
I have attached my namelist.input and rsl.error. Any help will be much appreciated!



  • namelist.input
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  • rsl.error.0000
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It looks like you're running WRF-chem. If you are able to replicate this error when only running basic WRF, please let us know. Otherwise, please post your question to the WRF-Chem section of this forum. Thanks!
Thanks for your reply. This error disappears when only running basic WRF as you suggested. And i found only if auxinput15_inname = "VPRM_wrfinput_d<domain>" was in the namelist.input would this error occured.