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WRFv381 with GNU8.x

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New member
While trying to compile WRFv3.8.1 with GNU and OpenMPI, there were compilation errors:

call random_seed (PUT=seed)
Error: Size of ‘put’ argument of ‘random_seed’ intrinsic at (1) too small (12/33)

To resolve this, I have modified module_cu_g3.F:
$ diff -urN module_cu_g3.F
--- 2018-09-23 22:09:29.157203661 -0500
+++ module_cu_g3.F 2018-09-23 22:09:45.043998813 -0500
@@ -3122,7 +3122,7 @@

integer :: nall2,ixxx,irandom
- integer, dimension (12) :: seed
+ integer, dimension (33) :: seed

Should the fix mentioned above be applied to the 3.8.1 git repo.
I am sorry that we don't support GNU version of WRF. Hope someone in the community may have an answer to this question.

Ming Chen
This code has been corrected beginning with V4.0. I'm attaching the modified file so that you can see how we changed it.
Unfortunately we didn't have a git repo when we released V3.8.1, but we can add the problems to our known problems page (


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