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WRFv4.5 real.exe didn't create wrflowinp files


New member
Hi all,

I am running the WRFv4.5 using GLSEA SST over the Great Lakes and GHRSST for all other cells in the CONUS domain (ex. ocean). I just realized that real.exe in the WRFv4.5 doesn't create wrflowinp file. My current script is set for reading SST from wrflowinp file and and replace it with the GLSEA SST. How and what I need to do to have wrflowinp file from the real.exe. The WRFv4.4.2 version I tested prior to the v4.5 has outputted the wrflowinp file.

Tsengel, LADCO Modeler
To produce a wrflowinp file, you must have "sst_update = 1" set in the &physics section of namelist.input, prior to running real.exe.