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Hi sir. This is umakanth. Can you send me the NCL LPI script so that it will be helpful for us. we will acknowledge you for this help in our paper.
Hello, Please I tried to submit a job on Perlmutter but they keep killing the job, i feel it may have to do with my script, please do you have a .csh file i can compare with mine to run my wrfrun.regular.csh?
Dear Alessandro
I am also trying to run WRF with high resolution topography and land cover. At the moment I am working on the Copernicus GLO-30 topographic data. I was wondering what type of data did you use for topography, and I was wondering if you could provide some help with the CORINE land use.
Thank you
Hi Ming, I need help defining a 2D hill in the em_les. How do I use the architecture of the fire mountain for this cause?
Hi, I downloaded meterological data in csv fromat , how to conver it into grib2 so that "ungrib.exe" can read it .
I have tried :
import pandas as pd
import cfgrib

data = pd.read_csv('your_csv_data.csv')
xarray_data = data.to_xarray()
cfgrib.to_grib(xarray_data, 'out2.grib')

its not working (erro: cfgrid not found ) even after doing "pip install cfgrid " in pwd.