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Hello Sir, Can you give the full procedure of installing the WRF-ELEC mdoel and install BOXMG.
If you have any documentation related to installation process. It will be great for me.
Hi, I tried to use open ECMWF data for forecasting and GFS data to fill in the missing data, I used pywiner to generate the WPS intermediate file for ECMWF, and metgrid.exe multi-source runtime to generate the met_em* file containing both GFS and ECMWF, why is it that the vertical layer of the generated met_em* file is 34 layers? Looking forward to your answer!
Hello kwerner, Could you please provide guidance on how to convert the AOD550 CAMS (Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service) netcdf to a WRF-compatible format? Thank you for your help.
I need information regarding the MPAS model with the passive tracer experiment and have seen your methodology to initiate the new input in the MPAS model to compute and see the transport with the regional scale of this initialization. I treat any local GHG traces for CH4 as a simple passive tracer without looking at any chemistry thing. If you have any ideas. Can you help me with this? Please let me know. Thanks
Hello kwerner, could you please provide guidance on how to submit a new module for the upcoming version of WRF?