gen_be_lengthscales fort.19x files

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gen_be_lengthscales fort.19x files

Post by gsm217 » Wed Jan 29, 2020 6:31 am

The gen_be_plot_wrapper script plots the lengthscale for the control variables psi, chi_u, t_u, and rh:
I ran gen_be with the CV7 option. The following files are plotted by the ncl scripts called by gen_be_plot_wrapper:
fort.194 -> plotted as psi in ncl scripts
fort.195 -> plotted as chi_u in ncl scripts
fort.196 -> plotted as t_u in ncl scripts
fort.197 -> rh

I was wondering whether fort.194,195,196 actually contains u, v, and t lengthscales (which are the CV for CV7) and not psi, chi_u, and t_u as labelled by the plot scripts.

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