MOZBC is not reading fn_moz file

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MOZBC is not reading fn_moz file

Post by mriganka » Thu Mar 11, 2021 6:17 am

Hello everyone,

I am encountering a strange problem while trying to update the input and boundary condition using MOZBC. Though I have given correct path and the fn_moz file is present in that path, MOZBC is unable to read the file and trying to open numerically previous file (which does not exist) and fails. I am adding few lines from the output log,

"init_wrfchem: MAP_PROJ = MERCATOR
init_wrfchem: CEN_LON = 82.60000
init_wrfchem: CEN_LAT = 25.05999
init_wrfchem: STAND_LON = 82.60000
init_wrfchem: TRUELAT1 = 25.06000
init_wrfchem: TRUELAT2 = 60.00000
init_wrfchem: DX = 12000.00
finished init_wrfchem_lib
main_bc_wrfchem: read p_top
main_bc_wrfchem: read eta values on half (mass) levels
main_bc_wrfchem: read wrf longitues and latitudes
init_mozart_lib: opened /home/cccr/mriganka/CAIPEEX_data/

next_flnm; trying to increment file
next_flnm; il, iu = 8 10
next_flnm; file_number = 1
next_flnm; new file =
failed to open /home/cccr/mriganka/CAIPEEX_data/
No such file or directory

fail to process netCDF file...
Please let me know how to solve this.

Thanks and regards,

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