Categorical Precipitation Types

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Categorical Precipitation Types

Post by jboustead » Tue Mar 09, 2021 1:34 pm

Hi All,

I am struggling to output in the following grab2 parameters:


I am running WRFV4.1.3 compiled using the PGI compiler and using UPPV4 compiled with gfortran to process the wrfout files. The 3 parameters listed above are included in my grib2 output, but when I view the data in a program such as Panoply the scale goes from 0 to 0 and all the values are all zero in the array. I was also having issues getting the Categorical_Rain_surface to output as well, but when I Googled the issue I ran across this post (viewtopic.php?t=9264) so I adjusted the RAINCV and RAINNCV entries in the Registry.EM_COMMON for WRF, WRFPLUS, and WRFDA and then recompiled. I now get data for Categorical_Rain_surface when viewed in Panoply, and the scale looks correct from 0 to 1, but the output for the 3 other parameters is still zero. I do not see any obvious entries (at least obvious to me) variables in the same Registry file to adjust for the Snow, Freezing Rain, and Ice Pellets. I posted in the WRF forum and the suggestion there was that it may be a UPP issue. Would someone have any idea of what I can adjust to get those parameters listed above as well?

Thanks for all the help!

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Re: Categorical Precipitation Types

Post by hertneky » Mon Mar 29, 2021 10:33 pm

Adding those two variables in the Registry should have fixed the output of precipitation type.

Can you send the specific postcntrl.xml file that you are using?

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