error with the output of the field in grib2 format after UPP work

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Alexander Fil
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error with the output of the field in grib2 format after UPP work

Post by Alexander Fil » Fri Nov 13, 2020 12:21 am


I have a problem with the output of WRFPOST files.

I am running unipost version UPPv.3.1.1 for NMM core for synthetic test.
INFORMAT: netcdf
STARTDATE: 2012102612
FHR: 00
DOMAIN_LIST: d01 d02 d03
RUN_COMMAND: /opt/sgi/mpt/mpt-2.12/bin/mpiexec -np 1 ./unipost.exe

the program works, errors are not written in the log files.

WRFPOST files over 3 grids are generated. But when the wgrib2 program checks any field in the resulting output files, the following error is written:

/src/wrf/HWRF-4.0a-OPER/WRF/tests/nmm_tropical_cyclone/postprd_grb2> ./wgrib2.exe -V -d 14 WRFPRS_d01.06
BAD GDS:lon1=4294.863015 lon2=4294.894296 should be 0..360
14:2659973:vt=2012102618:2 hybrid level:6 hour fcst:PRES Pressure [Pa]:
Rotated Lat/Lon (Arakawa Staggered E-grid)(287 x 575) units 1e-06 input WE:SN output WE:SN res 0
lat0 -0.021462 lat-center 0.020864 dlat 0.000000
lon0 4294.863015 lon-center 4294.894296 dlon 0.000000 #points=165025

The error lies in the incorrect creation of the final latitude-longitude grid.

And so on for each field in the files.

I tried to run unipost for grib1 format, fields are created correctly.

Below is an example after running a unipost with grib1 format:
/src/wrf/HWRF-4.0a-OPER/WRF/tests/nmm_tropical_cyclone/postprd_grb1> ./wgrib.exe -V -d 14 WRFPRS_d01.06
rec 14:3549134:date 2012102612 SPFH kpds5=51 kpds6=109 kpds7=2 levels=(0,2) grid=255 hybrid lev 2 6hr fcst:
SPFH=Specific humidity [kg/kg]
timerange 0 P1 6 P2 0 TimeU 1 nx 287 ny 575 GDS grid 203 num_in_ave 0 missing 0
center 7 subcenter 0 process 125 Table 2 scan: WE:SN winds(grid)
Semi-staggered Arakawa E-Grid (2D): lat0 -21.462000 lon0 -104.281000 nxny 165025
dLat 0.135000 dLon 0.135000 (tlm0d -73.000000 tph0d 20.864000) scan 64 mode 136
min/max data 0.0136563 0.0185963 num bits 9 BDS_Ref 1365.63 DecScale 5 BinScale 0

Please tell me how I can fix this error with the output in grib2 format.

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Re: error with the output of the field in grib2 format after UPP work

Post by hertneky » Mon Nov 16, 2020 7:15 pm

This was a known issue for the V3.1 release of UPP:

Problem: The initialization routine for NMM has not been updated to output
correct grid projection values.
Solution: A new INITPOST_NMM.f file with valid grib2 grid description will
be provided when available.

And unfortunately it was never fixed before NMM support was discontinued with the V3.2 release:

The UPP User Release Version 3.2 was released on December 13, 2017.

This release supports use of WRF-ARW model input. The DTC no longer
provides UPP support for NMM or NMM-b modeling cores due to lack of
support for those modeling cores.

I do apologize for any inconvenience, but we do not have the resources available to provide a fix for the issue, since we no longer provide support for NMM.

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