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  1. Doulgas_secchi

    Setting runs with sf_ocean_physics (options 1 and 2) for domain with land and sea

    I was searching for sf_ocean_physics at the Forum and I found this thread: problems running WRF with sf_ocean_physics option 2. Is mentioned that options 1 and 2 doesn't recognize the difference between land and sea. Mr @jcarlosgm solved that masking and using a conditional. Can someone give me...
  2. S

    Weird pixilated skin temperatures when using sf_ocean_physics = 1

    Greetings, I am able to stably run WRF version 4.1.3 for a full year with: sf_ocean_physics = 1, isftcflx = 1, oml_hml0 = 50 oml_gamma = 0.14. I can complete a full year simulation. However...