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    New User Guide for WRF-GHG / WRF-VPRM

    Hello WRF-GHG Community, I'm excited to share a new resource that I hope many of you will find useful: “WRF-GHG User Guide.” You can access it via this DOI link: 🔗 WRF-GHG user guide - Repository of BIRA-IASB What’s Inside? This guide offers a comprehensive overview focused on the greenhouse...
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    WRF tracer with dynamic emission?

    Hello, Thank you for your attention! I am conducting a simulation that requires the trace gas emissions from multiple sources to be simulated separately, such as Tracer_1, Tracer_2, etc. I initially attempted to modify the WRF source code with "trace_opt=2" options, and the emissions are thus...
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    Tracer concentrations become negative

    Hi, I have added tracers to an idealized run and have found that the concentrations can become negative, which is unphysical. According to the User's Guide there are options to make the advection positive definite. These are listed in the main body of the text as: moist_adv_opt = 1...