issues with surface_input_source=3

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issues with surface_input_source=3

Post by jbasconcillo » Wed Sep 23, 2020 2:57 am

I changed HGT_M and other variables in geogrid.exe because I want to test for topography. Since I am using a WRF V4.1 nested vortex following design, I input surface_input_source=3 in the namelist.input to let real.exe read the changes in geo_em_d0* but wrf.exe is not continuing/crashing. Has anyone solved this before?I

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Re: issues with surface_input_source=3

Post by kwerner » Mon Sep 28, 2020 4:20 pm

Can you test the changes on a NON-vortex-following compile of the model? I'm just curious if the problem is related to whether the domain is stationary or moving. Thanks!

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