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    Setting adaptive time steps for LES runs with very short time steps

    Hello I am trying to complete my 100m LES runs for a case from the SNOWIE field campaign. To save some computational costs, I have an hour and 30 minutes of simulation left to complete the wrf les run which I want to complete these restart runs with adaptive time stepping option. However, it...
  2. H

    Model Crushed for LES settings

    Hi everyone, Recently I'm trying to adapt LES into our domain, I followed all the instructions mentioned in Prof. Dudhia's WRF physics slides but the model always crushs at the beginning of the first tile, with no information given. I also tried shorten the time step but it barely helps. I...
  3. D

    when compiling the ideal model in em_ Les, how to define the mminlu of land use dataset as "MODI-RUC"

    Dear all: when compiling the ideal model in em_ Les,I chose sf_ Surface_ Phycics=2, and then an error is reported as: -------------- FATAL CALLED --------------- FATAL CALLED FROM FILE: <stdin> LINE: 1959 Land Use Dataset '' not found in VEGPARM.TBL. So I'm confused about when compiling...
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    segmentation fault using NBA (sfs_opt = 1 or 2)

    Hi, I experienced a segmentation fault in my LES simulation using the NBA option with sfs_opt = 1 or 2. When I turn off the option (sfs_opt = 0), the code runs to the end. Is there any known issue about NBA model ? I didn't investigate so deeply the error since I may run without NBA model but...
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    I would like to inquire about Subgrid Scale for WRF-LES

    Hello everyone, I would like to know how to select the Subgrid Scale type when simulating small-scale regions in WRF-LES? Is it in the namelist. input file? Looking forward to and thank you very much for your answers!
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    WRF-LES CFL violation

    Hello, I've been trying to run some WRF-LES simulations at 50-25m resolution but seem to be having some trouble getting around some cfl violations. I am able to run a 200x300 point domain with 100m resolution no problem, but anything lower than that causes a stream of CFL violations. I have...
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    Anyone knows how to use wrf-les?

    Hello everyone, I want to know if you have a relatively complete WRF-LeS tutorial. Or is it better to apply to LES? I found a lot of documents, but there is no specific setting. I am a novice, so I need some hand-to-hand solutions. If it can have a namelist reference, it is even better. It needs...