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Model Crushed for LES settings


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Hi everyone,

Recently I'm trying to adapt LES into our domain, I followed all the instructions mentioned in Prof. Dudhia's WRF physics slides but the model always crushs at the beginning of the first tile, with no information given. I also tried shorten the time step but it barely helps.

I tried to play with the nested setting of bl_pbl_physics, km_opt, diff_opt, sfclay etc...while the model always gives me CFL errors as below at all the domains I set pl_pbl_physics=0.

mp_physics=3 with diff_6th_opt =2 also is part of the reason for model crush, while option 2 or 8 with diff_6th_opt=0 works, I have no idea how this impacts.
Sometimes the configuration gives me results like a constant PBLH at around 50m~60m, does it mean the LES settings fail?

Error information:
d02 2023-04-02_00:00:32 314 points exceeded v_cfl = 2 in domain d02 at time 2023-04-02_00:00:32 hours
d02 2023-04-02_00:00:32 Max W: 11 8 3 W: 568.40 w-cfl: 490.67 dETA: 0.00
d01 2023-04-02_00:00:40 250 points exceeded v_cfl = 2 in domain d01 at time 2023-04-02_00:00:40 hours
d01 2023-04-02_00:00:40 Max W: 10 13 5 W: -10.95 w-cfl: 40.77 dETA: 0.00
d01 2023-04-02_00:00:40 4745 points exceeded v_cfl = 2 in domain d01 at time 2023-04-02_00:00:40 hours
d01 2023-04-02_00:00:40 Max W: 13 3 7 W: ******* w-cfl: ******* dETA: 0.00

I'm eagerly seeking for any insights about the possible reason leads to the crush, or any possible change of my parameterization for me to tryout.

Thanks for any information in advance.

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I would like to apologize for the long delay in response. Between holidays, unplanned time out of the office, the AMS conference, and planning for our WRF tutorial taking place this week, we got pretty behind on forum questions. Thank you so much for your patience.

Are you still experiencing issues with this? If so, take a look at the FAQ: What is the most common reason for a segmentation fault? There are additional things you can modify when encountering CFL errors.