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  1. I

    Physics (about wsm-6)

    Hello, I have a question about the physics in wrf 4.5 , i noticed that exist an accelarted version of some physics like wsm-3 and wsm-5 but wsm-6 not, why wsm-6 haven't an accelarate version ?
  2. W

    WRF Domain Wizard GONE and OFFLINE

    Good morning, The WRF Domain Wizard is still recommended as a way to create namelist files for WRF and WPS and is hosted on the GSD website. However, it has recently been taken offline. So is there a new recommendation from NCAR on its replacement? What other alternatives are there to...
  3. L

    Problem with wind and the change of vertical layers.

    Hello everyone, Sorry for my English. You'll see, I've run WRF with the default distribution of vertical layers (in my case, e_vert=35). For a better resolution in the lower layers, I set up the following distribution: eta_levels = 1.000, 0.998, 0.994, 0.990, 0.988, 0.982...
  4. I

    How to get irrigation rate or amount of irrigation for WRF simulation

    Please how can I get irrigation rate or amount from my WRF simulations as I cannot find it in the outputs. This is necessary to know the actual amount of irrigation that was added in the simulation. Is there any special settings that should be done to get this output?
  5. D

    Soil parameters when using different land surface options

    Hi there, I am using WRF v3.9.1, and I would like to know whether there are different soil parameters associated with different WRF land surface options ("sf_surface_physics" namelist option). I see that the default number of land categories "num_land_cat" used in namelist.input is 16, which...
  6. george_victor

    Modifying Seaice roughness length

    Hi! I'm planning a sensitivity test. I've already made a control simulation, now I need to make a simulation with modified roughness length. I understand that usually the roughness length for seaice is set a constant, and it is straight forward to modify it into a new constant value. However, in...
  7. S

    Deng Shallow cumulus scheme WRF v4.4

    I want to run the model using the shallow cumulus scheme = 5. From the user manual, it says this one will work with MYNN and MYJ PBL. So I tried both schemes, but I kept getting errors Here I show what I get when I use the MYJ. It confuses me because the icloud_bl is supposed to be for the MYNN...
  8. W

    (Solved) WRF(V4.3)-Noahmp with irrigation doesn't work?

    Hello, everyone. I'm trying to implement the irrigation in WRF-Noahmp, but it seems that the irrigation does not work for the wrfout with 0 irrigation amount. Firstly, I've run the geog.exe with the irrigation related data in geog. Here are the IRRIGATION, IRFRACT in the, they are...
  9. A

    How to modify namelist.input?

    Hello everyone, I am working on the uncoupled wrf-hydro model with GFS data. For running the real.exe, I need to modify namelist.input. Can anyone suggest to me how can I modify the &physics part in namelist.input file? Thank you
  10. D

    Problem with TKE output in LES simulation

    Hi I am running WRF with 200m resolution, I have TKE in the WRF output files, but it is 0 everywhere. I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out why this is the case? The model runs without blowing up. I am using the MYJ PBL scheme and I have deactivated the convective scheme for domains...
  11. Z

    How to parallelize a new snow albedo scheme in WRF?

    Hi all. I added a new snow albedo scheme in Noah-MP,which called when opt_alb=3 in &noahmp section of namelist.input. It did work but the time much slower than the old scheme in Noah-MP. (40s per dt VS 0.8s per dt) I guess it some issuses with the MPI. But I have no idea to use this new scheme...