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  1. K

    Noise in the WFP parameterization,result

    Hello, I am having a noise istarting from the beginning of the simulation while using WFP , i have no idea how to resolve it, i tried all the physics i have ! Can any one please help me how to get rid of it, it is creating this disruptancy in my child domain. the plot shown below is a...
  2. Z

    how to estimate the mechanical effect of terrain to wind? run a dry WRF experiment?

    Hi all, I am trying to run a terrain-sensitive experiment, to extract the mechanical effect of terrain only and does not consider the moist process. So, I plan to run a dry WRF experiment and then modify the terrain, is it a correct solution?(which should be similar to what is done by...
  3. R

    cu_physics : on and off for 30km and 10 km domain

    I am performing a sensitivity study to see the effect of cumulus parameterization (KF Scheme). I am using two nested domains; 30km and 10km (study area). I am performing two experiments where in control, I am running the model with KF Scheme and in test, I am switching it off in both domain...
  4. I

    Cumulus: on or off for 5 km grid spacing?

    Hello everyone, I am interested in precipitation output from WRF. Currently I am defining my domains and I would like to ask if nested domains of 15km and 5km are a suitable choice for precipitation? Additionally, I am unsure if I need to activate the cumulus scheme for both domains, or only for...
  5. Alfred-Jose

    How to derive Specific Humidity from WRF output ?

    Hi there, I have been trying to find the variable for Specific Humidity (sph) at single level/ pressure levels from the output files. Does it come with any specific parameterization schemes.? Although I tried some combinations and have not been able to find it Thank you so much for your time...
  6. D

    Wrf-python package

    Hello, I understand that wrf.getvar will give both the speed (dim 0) and the direction (dim 1) V1 = wrf.getvar(ncdin, "uvmet10_wspd_wdir", units="m s-1",timeidx=wrf.ALL_TIMES,meta=False)[1,...] But, I would like to ask about the way that direction is provided by the package. 0 degrees is wind...
  7. S

    Turn off Surface Sensible Heating (HFX) from the WRF Simulation

    Dear WRF Community, I am trying to run a case by turning off Surface Sensible Heating (HFX) from the simulation. I use the Revised MM5 for the surface layer physics (option 1 in namelist.input). I got some ideas from this previous thread. I modify module_sf_sfclay.F file I changed the line...
  8. george_victor

    Surface roughness estimation over ocean grid points

    Hi! I was making an LES simulation over ocean and seaice grids. While analyzing the outputs, I found that the sea surface roughness length (ZNT) is in correlation with the wind speed (checked for various heights up to 50m from the surface). Although the correlation is not precisely 1, I was...
  9. D

    Error Running Deng Parameterization

    Hello, I need helping running the WRF-Solar model. When I execute the WRF-Solar model without the shcu_physics, it compiles successfully. However, upon adding the shcu_physics, I encounter the following message: 'Tile Strategy is not specified. Assuming 1D-Y WRF TILE 1 IS 1 IE 100...
  10. M

    spp within the RUC LSM

    Hello, I am interested in using the spp_lsm scheme for the RUC land surface model using WRFv4.5, however when I look through module_sf_ruclsm.F I don't see where the perturbations are applied to the parameterization. It seems like the perturbations are supposed to be added in the subroutine...
  11. S

    How to compute Net radiation at the Ground Surface

    Hi All, How do I compute the net radiation at the ground surface? Do I just sum the SWDOWN ("DOWNWARD SHORT WAVE FLUX AT GROUND SURFACE") and the GLW ("DOWNWARD LONG WAVE FLUX AT GROUND SURFACE"), or there is more variables and some equation to consider? Thanks in advance for your help...
  12. W

    NOAHMP questions

    I have a few questions about NOAHMP 1. Do you have to change the geogrid file link from geogrid.arw to geogrid.arw.noahmp to use noahmp? 2. Which optional or supplementary files are needed to use noahmp for geography 3. If you don't call the noahmp geogrid file and you put the noahmp commands...
  13. W

    PBLH is 0 for all areas of domain

    I am trying to calculate wind gusts using an equation from a research paper. In the paper you need to calculate wind speed at the pblh. However, When I print out the pblh values they are all 0 (wrf-python) workhorse@workhorse-MS-7D91:/media/workhorse/1774-7AEE/Python Charts/python charts...
  14. L

    WRF debug: Floating point exception: Grell-Freitas (cu_scheme = 3)

    Hi, running on a debug compiled WRF v4.5.1, I step into a floating point exception right at the beginning of the simulation with the Grell-Freitas cumulus scheme: (...) WRF NUMBER OF TILES = 1 [irene2054:3782323:0:3782323] Caught signal 8 (Floating point exception: floating-point invalid...
  15. L

    WRF debug mode, 'Subscript upper bound' error in Thompson microphysics

    Hi, Running with a debug compiled WRF v4.5.1 version, I found an 'Subscript upper bound' error. The message I got is the following one: (...) WRF NUMBER OF TILES = 1 forrtl: severe (408): fort: (2): Subscript #3 of the array TMR_RACG has value 5 which is greater than the upper bound of 1...
  16. L

    debug compilation mode - Floating point exception in Boulac PBL scheme

    Hi, Now it seems that in debug compilation mode, with WRF v4.5.1 (and the configuration I am using) model initializes properly. However, whilst integration, I step in a Floating point exception from the Boulac PBL scheme. The error message (after 333 seconds of integration, 10 time steps for...
  17. C

    Idealized Case em_seabreeze2d_x

    Dear Community, I am currently working on generating wind velocity simulations based on changes in radiation, specifically for simulating sea-breeze phenomena. Through a Google search, I discovered that the idealized case em_seabreeze2d_x in WRF can assist me in achieving this simulation...
  18. H

    Model Crushed for LES settings

    Hi everyone, Recently I'm trying to adapt LES into our domain, I followed all the instructions mentioned in Prof. Dudhia's WRF physics slides but the model always crushs at the beginning of the first tile, with no information given. I also tried shorten the time step but it barely helps. I...
  19. W

    IFS/EC input & RUC LSM

    Can IFS/EC data be used with RUC LSM? Should flag_sm_adj be used like with GFS or not?
  20. M

    How to set horizontal advection of potential temperature as zero?

    Hello! I would like to make the horizontal advection of potential temperature & water vapor within a certain range as zero. Although the compile was successful, when I set horizontal advection terms as zero variables associated with potential temperature or water vapor turned into 'nan'. Model...